PSC DV SGM1 Microphone Kit

Regular price $255.00

Professional Sound Corporation® is proud to introduce our DV SGM1 microphone. This microphone offers truly professional sound quality in a compact, lightweight package. Designed to offer flat, smooth frequency response and a low self-noise artifact, the new DV SGM1 microphone sets new standards in size, performance and affordability. The DV SGM1 is perfect for all types of professional audio recording in the field. Weighing in at a mere 2.7oz (76.6gm), this hyper-cardioid pick-up pattern, compact shotgun microphone provides excellent off-axis sound rejection, superior frequency response and real world ease of use. It’s ultra light weight design makes it nearly unnoticeable when mounted to a camera. The DV SGM1 is powered from conventional 48PH microphone power.

The PSC DV SGM1 Microphone Kit includes:

  • DV SGM1 Microphone
  • Special SGM1 Shockmount
  • Offset, High rise Camera Shoe Adapter
  • Boom Pole Adapter