Ambient QP Jumbo Extension

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With the Jumbo extension QP 210 as 6th segment the “Small” Jumbo (QP 5190) can easily be upgraded to the “Large” Jumbo (QP 6200).

Typical applications include studio, classical music, church organ, feature film crowd scenes, and surround recordings when used with the A-RAY Surround Microphone Support.

Jumbo booms have also been used to carry small cameras, lights, and measuring equipment or aerials.
The booms can be internally cabled, and a special tip permits thicker cables to pass through, even multicore cables required for multichannel recordings. The base of the QP Jumbo Boom Pole is fitted with a slotted tube, ring and karabiner for attaching a counter weight.

Length: 205 cm (6.73 ft)
Weight: 740 g (26.10 oz.)
Diameter: OD = 40 mm
Converts QP 5190 to QP 6200