Lectrosonics 6' Mic Cable Adapter with Selectable Attenuation

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The Lectrosonics MCAXLRATTEN 6' Mic Cable Adapter attenuates a balanced audio signal for an optimal match into audio equipment designed for signals lower than line level. It is supplied with a six foot shielded cable, stripped and tinned. Cut the cable to desired length, if necessary and attach the connector eeded for your application. Resistors built onto the circuit board at the output end provide 20 dB of attenuation as supplied by the factory. Additional attenuation can be achieved by applying a solder bridge between the center pad and the pad on one side or the other as needed.

  • Often used with VR Field receiver to reduce the audio outputs to mic level
  • Attenuation selected with solder bridge for reliability
  • Attenuation applied at output end to preserve signal to noise ratio
  • Standard XLR A3M male connector
  • 6' shielded cable - cut to desired length and terminate as needed