Lectrosonics ACOAXTX 36" Coaxial Antenna with SMA Plug for Transmitters

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This coaxial design is approximately 36 inches in overall length, with an SMA connector. The other end is cut to a 1/4 wavelength of the corresponding frequency block with a color band and tag specifying its block. It is especially useful for applications where a small remote antenna is desired.

The coaxial antenna is used in situations where there is a need to put some distance between equipment and its antenna. For example, a multichannel bag system might create enough RF interference in the confines of the gear bag to diminish the effectiveness of standard whip antennas, so a coaxial antenna can be positioned on the bag strap. Likewise, a coaxial antenna can be used where clothing or other gear may cover or hinder equipment performance. The antenna can be positioned where it can be most effective.

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