Lectrosonics HM162 Headset Microphone with Noise Cancelling Capsule

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The Lectrosonics HM162 headset microphone is a lightweight, noise- cancelling design for use with high output PA systems. The comfortable, over-the-ear headband and flexible boom place the pickup capsule in an optimum location just to the left of the user's mouth. The headband keeps the pickup in this position as the user moves about, leaving the hands free for other tasks. A bi-directional, dual-element, noise cancelling micro - phone capsule rejects extraneous sound and emphasizes the user's voice for maximum gain before feedback even in close proximity to sound system loudspeakers.

The lightweight headband includes an adjustable, elastic neckband to provide a comfortable fit around the back of the head. The over the ear design also allows the user to comfortably wear a cap or hat without interfering with the operation of the microphone The HM162 is furnished with a locking micro connector for use with Lectrosonics VHF belt pack wireless transmitters. Rugged materials are used throughout the assembly to withstand the rigors of heavy use.