Lectrosonics PF50 Passive In Line Filter with Bias-T, 52MHz Bandwidth

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Used in high quality receiving antenna systems to suppress interference
• Very low loss ceramic resonator filters with 52 MHz BW suppress adjacent RF signals
• Passes DC power to antenna amplifier
• Blocks DC from entering receiver
• Rugged metal housing with standard BNC connectors

Frequency congestion in today's world has driven wireless manufacturers to develop wideband antenna multicouplers and receivers with broad frequency switching ranges to allow operators to find clear frequencies. This wideband approach, however, also allows more RF noise from nearby channels to enter the receiver, which can reduce operating range significantly.

The PF50 module is a passive filter inserted into a coaxial line ahead of a wideband receiver or multicoupler to suppress noise outside of the desired operating channel. In essence, it provides the same function as front-end filters. The design includes a BIAS T for inserting DC power ("phantom power") onto the coaxial line to power remote antenna amplifiers. DC power can be supplied by an external source connected directly to the filter module or from Lectrosonics Venue Series receivers or the UMC16B multicoupler.

The unit is inserted between a remote antenna and a receiver or multicoupler to provide filtering, with or without DC power. For long coaxial cable runs using remote antenna ampliers and any receiver or multicoupler, external DC power is passed on to the remote amp and blocked from entering the receiver or multicoupler.

As a basic filter, the unit is simply connected between antenna and receiver. When used for filtering with a remote antenna RF amp and a Venue Wideband receiver or UMC16B multicoupler, DC power from receiver or multicoupler is passed on to the RF amp. Power is enabled or disabled with jumpers on the receiver and multicoupler circuit boards.