Lectrosonics TA5F to XLRM Adapter for Plug-On Transmitter

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The Lectrosonics MCA5x adapts Lectrosonics headset or lavalier microphones equipped with a 5-pin plug to work with Lectrosonics plug-on transmitters, including Digital Hybrid (400 Series), 200 Series and 100 Series transmitters. Made with a rugged nickel-plated steel housing, the MCA5x 2" long and .75" in diameter.

Lectrosonics MCA5X Features

  • Adapts Lectrosonics headset and lavalier microphones equipped with 5-pin (TA5F) plugs to work with Lectrosonics plug-on UH and HM transmitters

  • Converts 4.5 Volt phantom power provided by plug-on transmitter to DC bias voltage needed by Lectrosonics electret microphones

  • Internal Zener Diode protects microphone from greater than 6 Volt phantom power on XLR jack