Lectrosonics UFM230L UHF Filter/Amplifier Module, 470-692MHz Frequency Range

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The Lectrosonics UFM230L is used to configure antenna systems requiring long cable runs or distribution to multiple receivers. RF filtering before gain minimizes intermodulation (IM) products and prevents overload. Two transmission line ceramic resonators at the input provide filtering with a 230 MHz bandwidth, followed by 12dB of gain using a high quality GaAsFET RF amplifier with an excellent +41dBm output IP3.

A switching regulator is used in the power supply to control current consumption over an input voltage range of 8 to 16 volts. The regulator maintains low current consumption and low heat dissipation which is especially useful in mobile field production applications.

The housing is constructed of cast aluminum with a brushed aluminum cover plate. Two rugged BNC connectors and a threaded, locking power jack provide secure connections for reliability in field production and long- term installations.

  • 230 MHz passband from 537 to 768 MHz centered at 653 MHz (TV channels 25-63)
  • Ceramic resonator filter
  • GaAsFET RF amplifier
  • +41dBm 3rd order intercept
  • Switching regulator for 8-16V power at constant power dissipation to minimize heat at high voltage
  • Jumpers set gain at +5dB, +8dB or +12dB
  • Powered from external DC source or phantom power from UMC16B multicoupler and Venue receivers