Lectrosonics WM Watertight Beltpack Transmitter w/VT500 Lavalier

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Designed for wet or dusty environments, the WM transmitter features O-ring sealed battery compartments and input jack, a compression sealed antenna port and gasket sealed control panel and back cover. Dual AA batteries provide twice the operating time of earlier watertight transmitter designs. Larger membrane switches and control panel and a highly visible, backlit LCD enhance the user interface.

Comes with optional VT500WATER Lavalier. The VT500WATER is a certified Waterproof miniature Omni lavalier microphone. The extremely smooth sound of the VT500 is well maintained while successfully achieving an IPX-7 protection rating against the "harmful ingress of water". IPX-7 Certification is the second highest rank in accordance with the International Standard IEC 60529 for water resistance. It allows for temporary submergence (up to 1 meter) of the microphone without compromise, enabling very flexible applications in the broadcast, film and performance areas.

  • Selectable output power to maximize battery life or operating range (50, 100 or 250 mW)
  • Machined aluminum, corrosion resistant housing
  • Water resistant seals for use in wet environments
  • LCD interface with lockout option
  • Programmable compatibility modes for use with a wide variety
    of different receivers
  • Servo Bias input circuitry with selectable voltage

Available Blocks

Block 470, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

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