Lectrosonics ZS-LRHMa Complete Kit

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The new L Series units all share a wide tuning range of three standard Lectrosonics blocks A1,B1,C1, depending on the specific frequency band and employ Lectrosonics' patented Digital Hybrid Wireless technology for compandor-free audio along with compatibility modes for interoperability with older analog systems. Like all their other products, the L Series units are made in the USA and feature machined aluminum housings, user-friendly setup and reliable operation. The ZS-LRHMa kit makes it easy to put these products right to work on the job. Everything you need is here: transmitter, receiver, mounting hardware, lav mic and connecting cables. Even batteries are included! Check with your Lectrosonics dealer for pricing and availability.

HMa UHF Plug-on Transmitter
This unique plug-on transmitter design will ideally match any microphone or line level source via a standard XLR connector. Phantom power is selectable at 5, 15 and 48 volts or can be turned off for use with dynamic microphones and line level signal sources. The design includes a wide tuning range of up to 76 MHz, with tuning steps in increments of 100 kHz or 25 kHz for up to 3072 frequencies. The tuning range covers three standard 25.6 MHz Lectrosonics frequency bands. Each of the standard bands includes 256 different pilot tone frequencies for compatibility with all Digital Hybrid Wireless receivers.

DSP compatibility modes are also included to work with legacy Lectrosonics analog wireless microphone receivers and IFB receivers, as well as some receivers from other manufacturers. The transmitter is powered by two AA batteries, with status indicated by a multi-color LED. A USB port is provided for firmware updates. An IR (infrared) port is also included to simplify setup with IR enabled receivers.

• Accepts microphone or line level signals
• Selectable 5, 15, 48 volt phantom power
• 76 MHz tuning range in 100 kHz or 25 kHz steps for up to 3072 frequencies
• Selectable 50/100 mW output power
• Adjustable low frequency roll-off
• Powered by two AA batteries
• USB port for firmware updates
• IR (infrared) port for fast setup
• Remote controlled "dweedle" tones (audio tone set-up control)
• Solid machined aluminum housing

The input amplifier uses an ultra low noise op-amp for quiet operation. It is gain controlled with a wide range dual envelope limiter, providing over 30 dB of headroom above full modulation. A 24-bit A-D converter digitizes the audio, then filters supersonic noise above 21 kHz. The resulting signal is encoded with a proprietary algorithm to produce an analog data signal for RF transmission. The underlying RF link is an optimized FM system with +/-75 kHz wide deviation for a high signal to noise ratio. The audio performance of the overall hybrid system is depicted in the graph below. Distortion in the overall system is extremely low over the entire audio bandwidth.

The antenna is formed between the machined aluminum housing of the transmitter and the attached microphone or cable. It functions as a dipole radiator when attached to a hand-held microphone and somewhat like a ground plane antenna when connected with a cable or plugged directly into a mixer. The conical shaped collar on the input coupler is made of DuPont Delrin to improve the ERP of the antenna in the uppermost frequency bands.

The battery compartment door is hinged to the housing and remains attached to the transmitter when opened. It securely latches in place and applies pressure to the batteries when closed. The two AA batteries are connected in series through a conductive plate on the door. Setup and adjustments are made with the control panel membrane switches and LCD. The transmitter can be powered up without the transmitter output enabled to allow frequency adjustments without causing interference to other wireless systems nearby. The switches can also be bypassed to prevent accidental changes. Dual color LEDs indicate audio input level and the power LED changes color under low battery conditions.

LR Compact Receiver
Excellent performance in a small package for ENG and DSLR video production are the purpose and intent of the LR receiver design. Tracking front-end filters block interference from high powered RF signals on nearby channels to preserve the extended operating range. RF spectrum scanning displays accurate results on the LCD to make finding clear spectrum quick and easy. The receiver is powered by internal AA batteries or with an optional battery eliminator. The top panel includes an IR port for transmitter setup. Firmware updates are enabled via a USB port on the side panel. The housing is made from a solid machined aluminum billet.

• Tunes over a 75 MHz range
• Tracking front-end filters
• Digital Hybrid Wireless with compatibility modes for use with earlier transmitters
• Compact size powered by two AA batteries or an optional battery eliminator
• LCD with RF spectrum scanning
• SmartSquelch DSP-controlled, noise based filtering and squelch
• DSP-based pilot tone for squelch control
• USB port for firmware updates
• IR sync port for transmitter setup

LRSHOE Camera Shoe Mount for LR Receiver
LRSHOE is an accessory shoe for LR receiver to allowing mounting on DSLR type camera's.

12" audio cable for SR receiver, TA3F plug to 3 pin male XLR.

Audio cable; LR output; TA3F to 3.5 mm TRS male; 20 inch length. Wired for mono output (tip and ring are combined).

CCMINI Zippered Pouch
A soft sided, padded and zippered carrying case for compact wireless systems such as the UCR400, UCR401 and other UCR units.