Neumann KH 80 DSP A G US Active Near-field

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The art of neutral studio sound – now digitally remastered

We have calculated every soundwave. We have perfected low-distortion materials. We have optimized the drivers with our years of experience and hand-selected every component. The system's perfection comes from its digital heart: In only 2 milliseconds, our DSP engine converts every sound to a reference quality in every environment – so no detail gets lost on the way.


The perfect sound of mathematics at work

We know every nuance, every surface and every angle of the KH 80 DSP. It sounds so pure, because we are directing every soundwave so precisely.

The KH 80 DSP’s design is based on computer simulations that calculate with an accuracy that others do not match. Our Mathematical Modeled Dispersion Waveguide (MMD™) provides our studio series with a solid base for precise sound direction that stays absolutely unique. Doing your sums properly has never sounded so good.

The biggest variable is your room. We have the solution.

It might be a project studio, an outside broadcast van, or just a corner of a building: The room defines the sound. Surfaces and corners in the room cause interference, diffraction, reflection, and refraction: all are forms of distortion. For a really true sound, you normally need expensive equipment plus plenty of time and expertise to align it correctly – or smart algorithms. An easy adjustment to the monitor position (free standing, small/medium/large desk) is possible via the rear "Acoustical Control" switch.

The optional, freely available Neumann.Control iPad® app goes several steps further. It adapts the KH 80 DSP to the individual room situation, delivering quality way above the price-tag. And the best part: the patented "Guided Alignment" means that you don't have to be an expert to adapt the system to your environment.

Detailed information on all functions can be found below.

Professional standards for everyone

Highest quality components, high-end protection systems and performance reserves are what you would expect from this studio class product. Its quality and design makes the KH 80 DSP a flexible near-field studio monitor, which delivers professional-quality sound wherever you need it. It can be used in studios, editing rooms or outside broadcast trucks. Some of our customers like it so much, they use KH 80 DSPs in their living rooms. And why not? Our latest monitor delivers digital precision for a masterpiece of analog technology: your ears.

The KH 80 DSP and the Neuman.Control iPad® app

The iPad® connects to the KH 80 DSP via a standard IP network with an Ethernet cable between the router and the monitor. In case of a 2.0 stereo configuration with the KH 750 DSP the stereo pair receives the analog audio signal directly from the subwoofer.

The system offers the following functions in the setup/adjustment phase:


  • 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 or 9 loudspeakers
  • Identication of all loudspeakers in the network
  • Adjustment of standby time and level, system delay (lip sync) and logo brightness



  • Guided Alignment – a patented process where you are asked simple questions about the room and the loudspeaker/subwoofer position; the app adjusts the response of each loudspeaker/subwoofer accordingly.
  • Manual Alignment – expert users have complete freedom to adjust an 8-band fully parametric equalizer, levels and delays in each loudspeaker/subwoofer as they wish. Manual Alignment can also be used to edit Guided Alignments in a more detailed way.
  • Time-of-flight delay for each monitor
    After setup, the iPad® can be removed if necessary; the settings are permanently stored in the monitors.


During operation the iPad® offers:

  • Switching between different setups and alignments
  • Volume control, saving and recalling volume presets
  • Dim, Solo, Mute, Mute all

System Requirements: iPad® with iOS® 10 or higher