Professional Wireless Systems Ecoflex 10 Low Loss Antenna Cable

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  • Flexible Low-Loss Antenna Cable
  • Center Conductor: stranded copper, oxygen free, 7 x 1.0 mm, nominal diameter .285mm
  • Dielectric: low loss compound PE-LLC, nominal diameter 7.25 mm
  • Outer conductor 1: overlapping copperfoil, PE coated
  • Outer conductor 2: copper braid
  • Outer Jacket: black PVC, uv-resistant, nominal diameter 10.2mm
  • Standard Termination: BNC Male - BNC Male (TNC & N-Type available)
  • Connector secured with heavy duty adhesive-lined shrink tube

PWS ECOFLEX 10 sets a new standard among flexible coaxial cables. Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the use of a low-loss PE-LLC Dielectric yields a foaming rate of more than 70%. This results in very low attenuation. The flexibility of ECOFLEX 10 is further enhanced through the use of a stranded, oxygen-free copper center conductor. Further advantages of the cable include the use of double shielding which is constructed of overlapping copper foil plus an additional tight woven copper braid. A screening efficiency of > 90 dB@ 1 GHz is realized. The copperfoil has an applied PE-coating which prevents foil cracking due to short radius bends. The black PVC sheath is UV-stabilized. ECOFLEX 10 is the right choice when a low loss, highly flexible microwave rated cable is required. It’s outstanding specifications make it the clear leader for today’s demanding wireless audio applications. S3018 Ecoflex Low-Loss Cable Spec Sheet At 100 feet: -1.22 dB @ 100 MHz -1.49 dB @ 144 MHz -1.77 dB @ 200 MHz -2.23 dB @ 300 MHz -2.71 dB @ 432 MHz -2.93 dB @ 500 MHz -3.81 dB @ 800 MHz -4.33 dB @ 1000 MHz   Cable assemblies are made and tested by PWS in Orlando, FL.   ECOFLEX 10 cable is manufactured by SSB-Electronic GmbH ECOFLEX is a registered trademark of SSB-Electronic GmbH.