Professional wireless systems PRZM set (T1 & R1) RF over Fiber system.

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  • RF Filtered Input 470-616 MHz (470-636 MHz, 470-698 MHz, 169-217 MHz, or un-filtered models available upon request)
  • ST Singlemode Fiber Connection
  • BNC RF Connection
  • XLR4 DC Connection
  • 3/8″ Threaded Mounting Point
  • Software Controlled


Product Description

The PWS PRZM RFoF system enables RF signals to be carried long distances over fiber optic cable. The T1 unit converts RF to optical signal and the R1 unit receives and converts that signal back to RF. The two units are connected with single mode fiber cable.

The PRZM system is typically used for connection between receive antennas and a wireless microphone receiver or RF distribution amplifier (diagram 1). The system can also be used in reverse for in-ear monitor or IFB transmission.

The units are able to be programmed and monitored through the included configuration software, enabling adjustment of attenuation level, LNA, link test, and laser on/off. The software also let’s the user monitor link status, optical power, and RF level.


Included in the PRZM T1/R1 Set:

  • 1x T1 Transmitter
  • 1x R1 Receiver
  • 2x power adapters
  • 2x USB micro cables
  • 1x 3′ ST-ST fiber cable
  • 1x USB flash drive w/ configuration software & user guide