Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) RF Toolkit

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The PWS RF Toolkit contains everything you need to enhance the receive side of your wireless system. The kit includes enough items to cover a single zone, true diversity receive system, allowing longer cable runs to be achieved without sacrificing audio and signal quality. Purchasing this kit saves you 10% versus buying each item individually! (2) S5321 In-Line RF Filters (2) S8683 RX Line Amps (1) S9830 Dual Bias-T (1) S5624 2-way Splitter (4) 3' BNC Jumper Cables

PWS RF Toolkit Contents

S5321 In-Line RF Filter

An In-line filter can help attenuate unwanted RF energy from entering your receiver by blocking the frequencies not within the tuned range. This filter is tuned to the wideband UHF range commonly used in wireless audio systems, 470-616 MHz.

S8683 RX Line Amp

Receiver Line Amp is used to compensate for signal loss over long cable runs. It has a Hi/Lo feature for gain adjustment and includes a 12V locking power supply.

S9830 Dual Bias-T

The Dual Bias-T provides phantom style voltage of +12VDC operating remote antenna amplifiers via two independent channels.

S5624 2-Way Splitter

The PWS High Power Splitters are used to combine or split RF signals for a variety of uses in the antenna system.