PSC Adapter Barrels

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Professional Sound Corporation has designed and built a range of adapter barrels to meet the needs of the professional sound recordist. These ruggedly built XLR barrels provide specific audio functions that may not be found as standard features on all of your audio equipment. By utilizing these barrels, the sound recordist can solve many problems both in the field and in the studio.

The following different functions are provided by these barrels:
  • 48PH to 12T: Allows "12T" microphones to operate from mixers with 48PH power. FPSC0010A
  • Ground Lift: Eliminates ground loops between equipment by isolating grounds. FPSC0010B
  • Phase Reversal: Reverses phase of balanced line. Also corrects "T" power phase problems. FPSC0010C
  • Line to Mic Pad: Attenuates line level signals by 50dB to provide microphone level output. FPSC0010D
  • Low Pass Filter: Provides high frequency cutoff, -3dB @ 7 KHZ, to reduce high frequency noise. FPSC0010E
  • High Pass Filter: Provides a low frequency cutoff, -3dB @ 140 HZ, to prevent low frequency rumble. FPSC0010F
  • 600 Ohm Transformer: Provides transformer isolation between equipment. FPSC0010G
  • Line Drying: Allows interfacing between wired intercom systems, and audio mixers by removing DC voltage. FPSC0010H