PSC Bell and Light System

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PSC has been designing and producing portable Bell and Light Systems for over 30 years. During these 30+ years, we have designed and engineered several generations of Bell and Light System designs. Each new generation improves upon the previous design. Our latest (4th generation) Bell and Light System is by far the best system on the market. It offers new features never before found in Bell and Light Systems and takes the overall product to a whole new level.

Station Features

  • Dual Color Mode for Easy Set Traffic Coordination…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Omni View, 360 Degree Visibility…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Most Compact Stations in the Industry…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Most Rugged Stations in the Industry…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • 3-Way Flash Speed…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • 3-Way Mounting Threads, ¼-20, 3/8-16 and 5/8-27(Mic Stand Thread)…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Switchable Bell…..PSC Original Design Feature
  • Link Connector for Easy Daisy Chain Connections…..PSC Original Design Feature
  • PSC# FBL2S
Power Supply Features
  • Most Compact Power Supply in the Industry…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Operates up to 80 Stations…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Can be Operated Four Ways, Wired Manual, Wired Automatic, Wireless Automatic, Recorder Driven Wired Fully Automatic…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Fully Automatic Mode Self Generates Bell Start and Stop Pulses…..PSC Exclusive Feature
  • Optional Wireless Remote with Extreme Security and One Mile Range….. PSC Exclusive Feature

    Controller Features

    • Smallest Controller on the Market…..PSC Exclusive Feature
    • Belt Clip Provided, and 3 Positions to Mount the Belt Clip…..PSC Exclusive Feature
    • Made in the USA Stainless Steel Flush Push Button Switches…..PSC Exclusive Feature
    • Uses Standard XLR Microphone Cables for Extensions…..PSC Exclusive Feature
    • PSC# FBL2c