PSC Millimic Lavalier Microphone

Regular price $129.00

Professional Sound Corporation® has designed and built the ultimate production lavalier, the MilliMic. Incorporating the latest in capsule design, the MilliMic boasts miniature size, very high output, a low inherent noise floor and exceptional shielding against electromagnetic interference. The soft, flexible and non-reflective finish of the MilliMics cable will also better isolate handling noise and keep the MilliMic unobtrusive on camera.

Included in the MilliMic's attractive storage case are a wide variety of MilliMic mounting accessories including a tie bar, tape down mount, cable mount, vampire clip, windscreen clip and the exclusive Professional Sound Corporation "Guard Mount", useful in applications where concealment is mandatory and clothing noise must be negated.


  • Pigtail - FPSCMMPTO
  • Pigtail w/Box & Accessories - FPSCMMPT
  • 6 Pin LEMO for Audio Limited - FPSCMMAL
  • TA5F for Lectrosonics - FPSCMMLS
  • Mini Male for Sennheiser Evo Series - FPSCMMSE
  • TA4F for Shure, others - FPSCMMSH
  • Hard Wired to Power Supply - FPSCMMHW