PSC Power Star LiFE HD

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The PSC Power Star LiFE-HD Power Distribution System is designed to provide power to your entire sound or video cart. That includes feeding an AC inverter that can power a Yamaha OV1 or similar AC-powered mixer. This Heavy Duty version comes standard with a dedicated 16 amp output that is designed to power and external AC inverter, and additional internal modifications allow for greater power output and cooling. This system is a single rack space rechargeable power supply that provides you with a power solution for your sound or video cart.

LiFE Battery Pack:
The system uses a 12.8V, 20 amp hour lithium iron phosphate battery pack. The individual cells were selected for their high capacity, and are able to be rapidly charged or discharged. These cells are factory measured, graded, and matched into precision sets for a good quality battery. The PSC LiFE battery pack contains built-in cell-balancing electronics for a long life.
AC Supply and Charger:
The PSC Power Star LiFE is built around a highly integrated 500W switching power supply. The AC input is fully filtered for both common mode and differential noise, harmonic content, and spikes. It features a built-in current limiting function to further protect the power supply under extreme conditions. In addition, the charger has been designed to provide clean, quiet charging power so as to not cause noise problems in the field.
Power Distribution and Output Filtering:
The DC path of the Power Star LiFE has been designed to provide clean, quiet, reliable DC power for your audio and video equipment needs. Each output has its own dedicated output filter that contains both audio and RF frequency filters. Each output is also individually poly-fuse protected and monitored via an easy-to-read front-panel LED indication. There are a total of ten outputs: two 8A outputs and eight 3.5A outputs. To lower internal power losses and extend battery life, the circuit boards are made with 4 oz copper, four times the industry standard.
16 AMP Inverter Output:
This power supply is equipped with a dedicated 16 amp output, designed to power an external AC inverter. This external inverter can be used to power a Yamaha OV1 or similar AC powered audio mixer.
Remote Control - Meter:
Every PSC Power Star LiFE comes with a small remote control box. The use of the remote control allows the Power Star LiFE to be mounted down and out of the way on your sound cart if desired. This remote contains an additional set of On and Off controls, an additional battery level meter, and four USB charging ports. The PSC Power Star LiFE can be operated with or without the remote control box.
The PSC Power Star LiFE is fan cooled using a custom made, high capacity aluminum heat sink extrusion. This heat sink provides more than 375 square inches of heat dissipation surface. It has been anodized gold for long service life in the field. The fan was selected to be as low level of noise as possible.
Rack Mounting:
The PSC Power Star LiFE is equipped with multiple-point rack rail mounting brackets. These brackets can be mounted from either the front or the rear of the Power Star LiFE.