PSC Power star LiFE Zeus

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The new PSC Power Star LiFE Zeus is the ultimate high power rechargeable power supply and distribution platform. Engineered using our 30 years of power supply experience, this new two rack space rechargeable power supply will provide you with the ultimate power solution for your sound or video cart.

  • 60 Amp Hour LiFE Battery
  • 35 Amp High Capacity AC Power Supply
  • Dedicated “Inverter” Power Output
  • Two 8A Outputs, Two 5A Outputs, Seven 3A Outputs
  • Properly Engineered System Cooling
  • Rapid Recharge LiFE battery
  • Individual Output Monitoring
  • Exclusive PSC Silent Power Technology
  • 4 Amps of USB Charging Current Available
  • Convenient Multi-Colored “Fuel Gauge”
  • Digital LED Volt and Current Meters
  • Built In Battery Cell Balancing for Longer Battery Life
  • PSC Has Been Providing Reliable Power Solutions Since 1986

The heart of the system is the custom, triple redundant 12.8 volt, 60 amp hour Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack. Each of the three onboard 20 amp battery packs contain individual cells that were chosen for their high capacity, and ability to be rapidly charged or discharged. While other cells can only be charged and discharged at a 0.7C amp hour rate, PSC cells are rated at a full 3C rate. Additionally, PSC cells are factory measured, graded and matched into precision sets for a better quality battery. Unlike other brands, the PSC LiFE battery pack contains built in cell balancing electronics for a long life.

The PSC Power Star LiFE Zeus is built around a highly integrated 600 watt, switching power supply/charger. The AC input is fully filtered for common mode and differential noise, harmonic content and spikes. This supply contains a built in current limiting function to further protect itself under extreme conditions. In addition, the PSC charger has been designed to provide clean, quiet charging power so as to not cause you noise problems in the field.

The DC path of the PSC Power Star LiFE Zeus has been designed to provide clean, quiet, reliable DC power for all of your audio and video equipment needs. Each output has its own dedicated output filter that contains both audio and RF frequency filters. Each output is also individually Poly-fuse protected and monitored via easy to read front panel LED indication. There are a total of eleven outputs: two (2) 8 Amp Outputs, two (2) 5 Amp Outputs and seven (7) 3 Amp Outputs. To lower internal power losses and extend battery life, the PSC circuit boards are made with 4oz copper, 4 times the industry standard and a PSC exclusive feature!

Every PSC Power Star LiFE Zeus comes with a small remote control box. The use of the remote control allows the Power Star LiFE to be mounted down and out of the way on your sound cart if desired. This remote contains an additional set of “On and Off” controls, an additional battery “Fuel Gauge”, digital LED Volt and Current meters and also four (4) USB charging ports. The PSC Power Star LiFE Zeus can be operated with or without the remote control box.

The PSC Power Star LiFE Zeus is convection cooled without the use of any fans.

The PSC Power Star LiFE Zeus is equipped with multiple point rack rail mounting brackets. These brackets can be mounted from either the front or the rear of the Power Star LiFE Zeus and can be offset to provide clearance for XLR connectors in tight rack space environments.