PSC Power Station

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Professional Sound Corporation has designed and built a new rechargeable battery supply for use with your RDAT recorders. The PSC Power Station has been specifically designed to handle the heavy power requirements of today's digital tape recorders. It outputs 12Vdc at 5 amps continuously, as well as 18Vdc to power your audio mixer and wireless receivers. Additionally, 6Vdc is available for use with consumer RDAT recorders and other equipment. The self-contained, onboard charger operates from 90 to 260Vac so it can be used worldwide and provides a typical charging time of six hours. Front panel indicators include AC power, battery state of charge and output fault indications. The PSC Power Station will easily power your entire digital sound equipment package.

The PSC Power Station contains a high capacity sealed lead acid battery and custom designed power management electronics. The battery is protected from over discharge and the outputs are automatically protected against short circuits. The charger may be operated while the supply is in use insuring a continuous supply of power to operate your sound equipment.