PSC Powerstar Euro LiFE Distribution Box

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The PowerStar Euro LiFE Distribution Box from PSC provides safe and clean power distribution from any 12 VDC power source including most rechargeable batteries, for your audio equipment powering needs. Each output is individually protected against short circuits with an automatically resetting Polyfuse. In addition, each output is individually filtered using the PSC "Quiet Power technology" to help eliminate inter-modulation noise in your audio equipment, ensuring quiet recordings. This distribution box also features a convenient multi-colored LED battery meter (fuel gauge), four USB charging ports, and easy to use, color coded power buttons. The PSC Euro LiFE power distribution unit also contains a low battery shutoff function that disconnects the load if the battery input voltage falls below 10.8 VDC, thus saving your battery from deep discharge damage.

  • Each Output Individually Polyfuse Protected
  • Each Output Individually equipped with PSC Quiet Power Technology Filters
  • Easy and Convenient, Multi-Colored LED Battery "Fuel Gauge"
  • Build-in four USB Charging Ports with a total output current of 4 Amps
  • Convenient, Large, Color Coded On and Off Buttons, with Delayed Off Function