PSC Solice Mini Audio Mixer

Regular price $2,995.00

The New PSC Solice Mini Mixer is designed for use by today’s professional sound mixer who needs a simple, compact and convenient mixer for use with up to two boom microphones and up to six wireless receivers. The new Solice Mini Mixer provides all of the functions found on most control surfaces and adds a slate microphone, reference tone oscillator and private line functions. Housed in ruggedly built aircraft aluminum housing and weighing just 4 Lbs, this new mixer is perfect for those smaller cart based audio jobs including commercials, corporate videos, and any fixed location day job.

  • Full Analog Audio Mixer for the price of a control surface
  • Works with all brands of recorders
  • Can be used as a standalone mixer to feed audio to a camera
  • Two Microphone level Inputs each with 48Ph microphone power
  • Six Line Level Inputs for use with wireless receivers
  • Bright, Sun Light Readable LED Peak Meters
  • Limiters on All Inputs and Mix Outputs
  • 100mm Long Throw Faders
  • Built in Reference Tone Oscillator
  • Built in Slate Microphone
  • Aux Feed for use with Boom Operator
  • Compact, 4 Lb (1.81Kg) package
  • Fits on the Top Shelf of the PSC EuroCart

Each input channel contains a Variable Gain Control, Low Cut Filters, Hi EQ, Left/Center/Right Mix Buss Assignment Switch, Pre-Fader/Off/Post-Fader Aux Assignment Switch, Channel Metering and a Long Throw, 100mm Fader. The output section includes Line Outputs with a +4, -10 and -20 Switchable Level as well as a 12db Output Level Trim Pot, User Selectable Headphone Monitoring, Slate Microphone, Reference Oscillator and variable LED Brightness Control.