PSC UHF Log Periodic Antenna 450Mhz to 900Mhz

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The PSC UHF Log Periodic Antenna will provide the users of UHF wireless microphones a simple and elegant passive antenna solution for field use. This passive antenna from PSC provides coverage from 450MHz to 900MHz. This antenna offers a typical gain of 4.5dB over that of a dipole antenna, thus providing added range to your radio microphones in the field. The antenna features a robust design using a heavy duty 0.125” (3.175mm) fiberglass substrate. The PSC UHF Log Periodic Antenna is produced as a “skeletal” design. This design allows for lower wind loading in the field. The entire antenna is coated in a water resistant textured coating for years of trouble free operation in the field. In addition, we have equipped this antenna with the most robust Molex brand BNC connecter we could source. Mounting is accomplished via an industry standard 3/8"-16