PSC Universal Lavalier Power Supply Barrels

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PSC Universal Lavalier Power Supplies will allow you to use your lavalier microphones hardwired into mixers and recorders that supply condenser microphone powering. These small, robust devices take either 12T, 12PH or 48PH microphone power and convert it down to an appropriate voltage to operate most lavalier microphones. There are three basic models:

FULPS1 Locking Sub-Mini
FULPS2 TB5M 2-Wire Positive Bias
FULPS3 TB5M 3-Wire Servo Only *

*Note* These are compatible with Lectrosonics 3-Wire Servo wiring ONLY! They will only work with “3-wire Servo” wired microphones such as COS-11’s and Sennheiser MKE-2 wired for use with Lectrosonics 400A, SMA, etc. They will not work with Non-Servo wired microphones.