Rycote Super Shield Kit

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This complete windshield / shock-mount system has a unique pod designed for fast microphone access while maintaining Rycote’s professional, flexible levels of wind protection set in place by the Modular Windshield system.

This design integrates the same lightweight, flexible, robust plastic netting and screening material for professional performance and reliability.


Weight & Dimensions

Suitable for: Mics 19/25mm, up to 200mm length
Body length: 250mm
Overall Length: 350mm
Diameter: 100mm
Net Weight*: 642 gram

Microphone compatibility

Oktava: MC-012, MK-012
Sanken: CS-1
Schoeps: CMC series, CMC series + CUTI
Sennheiser: ME62 K6, ME64 K6, MKH 8060


Weight & Dimensions

Suitable for: Mics 19/25mm, up to 200-250mm length
Body length: 300mm
Overall Length: 400mm
Diameter: 100mm
Net Weight*: 662 gram

Microphone compatibility

Audio-Technica: AT 4073a, BP4073
DPA: 4017b, 4017c
Neumann: KMR-81i, KMR-81D
Sanken: CS-2
Schoeps: CMIT 5U
Sennheiser: MKH 416
Shure: VP82, VP895
Sony: ECM 670, ECM 678


Weight & Dimensions

Suitable for: Mics 19/25mm, up to 250-300mm length
Body length: 350mm
Overall Length: 450mm
Diameter: 100mm
Net Weight*: 692 gram

Microphone compatibility

Sanken: CS-3e
Sennheiser: MKHE 600