Viviana Ankle Straps, Original Series

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Ankle Straps - Viviana Ankle Straps are fabricated using state-of-the-art materials utilizing the most modern design techniques. One Size Fits All transmitter pocket is compatible with most popular transmitters on the

market. The specialized fabric of the pocket is in contact with the skin, therefore sweat humidity won’t reach the transmitter. One Size Sits All Ankle strap to accomodate persons of all ages and size.


•Size- One Size Fits All

•Universal TX Pouch Size- Compatible with most popular transmitters present in the market

•Double Cable Pouch- conveniently tuck in the Lav cable very quickly on either size of the TX pouch

•Velcro- Each model has got ultra low profile velcro with an amazing grip and invisible overlap

•Colors- available in BLACK or BEIGE

•Label- creates grip between the fabric when it’s overlapped, so as to avoid the “tongue effect"