Zaxcom Nova package with ZMT transmitters and MRX receivers (Weekly Rental)

Regular price $850.00

1x Zaxcom Nova Mixer/Recorder
1x 128gig primary record card
4x 32gig backup/daily record cards
1x CF card reader
1x Orca ENG Bag
2x audioroot battery 
1x Audioroot battery cup- hirose power
1x BDS power distro and cables
1 or 2x Zaxcom MRX 4 channel wireless receiver
2, 4, 6, or 8 Zaxcom ZMT-X transmitter w/ DPA 4099 Lavalier mic
1x Charger and batteries for ZMT-X TX's
1x PSC Elite boom pole (12ft) w/ rycote invision shock mount
1x shotgun mic w/ softie and windfoam
1x Sony 7506 headphones